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Resolutions and Goals

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Updated: Monday, January 11, 2016

The dictionary tells us that a goal is an objective that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve. A resolution is the act, operation, or process of resolving.  Resolutions are the way to obtain the goal. Goals are the end result of the resolution. In order to obtain the goal you must set up a system to achieve the goal.

Here is an example, say your goal is to get a promotion at your job.  You can try to earn the promotion from hard work, loyalty, seniority or you could set a process (system) to obtain it. Perhaps it’s taking classes to further your education or obtaining a certification in that subject area.  If your goal is to complete a marathon, you have to set up a training routine. You certainly can't expect to complete the 26 miles without any time spent training.

What are your goals for the coming year and how will you resolve to obtain them?  

                                                      Monica Hodges is the Office Manager for Barker & Associates in San Antonio, Texas.

                                                      She currently serves as the SDA National President-Elect.


Tags:  Goals  Resolutions  SDA  Society for Design Administration 

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The Giving Season

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ah the holidays. Everyone loves the holidays. We take time off from work. Visit with family and friends. Go to parties. Shop for gifts.

By definition a gift is a thing given willingly to someone without payment. A natural ability or talent. Have you ever considered giving the gift of yourself instead of something purchased?  It can be as simple as a handwritten card instead of the standard store bought with prewritten words. Or in today’s world an email or text. You could donate your time to a charitable organization, say a soup kitchen. Perhaps if you are talented enough to know how to play a musical instrument or sew, you could give lessons.

What about giving back to an organization that as given so much to you year after year?

Being a member of a professional organization affords us countless opportunities, from creating professional relationships, career advancement through continuing education, leadership growth, skill development and camaraderie.  We all know in order for organizations to thrive they need members to volunteer, to chair and serve on committees, to sit on boards, locally as well as nationally. 

This season I wonder if you would consider giving the gift of you to your organization.  Volunteer for a leadership role or serve on a committee. What ways can you give the gift of you? 


Monica Hodges is the Office Manager for Barker & Associates in San Antonio, Texas.  

She is the SDA National President-Elect.

Tags:  Give Back  Giving  Volunteer 

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Posted By Administration, Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Updated: Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Leadership.  An intimidating word!  You’ve been hearing your whole life that you should be a leader, not a follower.  But what does being a leader really mean?

Leaders inspire others.  They can identify a problem before it gets out of control. They find a way to connect with others and take them where they need to be.  They are the decision makers.  They show their leadership through results, not talk.  And they know how to achieve goals. A really great leader motivates people to do things they didn’t even know they wanted to do and leaves them with a feeling of personal accomplishment.  They let others shine.

In this world where we are too often more interested in taking the credit then accomplishing the goal, it is difficult to be a good leader.  It’s hard to put the objective ahead of ourselves and let others get the praise.  But if it was easy, everyone would do it. 

John F. Kennedy once said, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  SDA embodies this sentiment by providing an opportunity for both to all members.  Who has inspired you?  What leadership role are you motivated to try next?  

Wendy Callahan is the Director of Financial Analysis

with Davis Brody Bond LLP in New York, NY

Tags:  Leader  Leadership  SDA  Society for Design Administration 

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Who Do You Have on Your Personal Advisory Board?

Posted By Administration, Friday, June 12, 2015

I came across the following article and thought the message, Developing Your Personal Advisory Board, is so similar to how SDA members network and connect with one another that I had to include it in this month’s blog. Collectively, we as SDA members, give and get solid advice and productive feedback from one another, we promote and learn leadership skills to help accelerate our successes, and support each other in our personal and professional goals. 

When I was reading this article, it made me think of the offices I have held as a chapter and national officer and serving on chapter and national committees where I’ve learned for myself how SDA is its own advisory board. The criteria above on how to select your personal advisory board is enlightening, which makes me hope and wonder if I am unknowingly on someone’s advisory board.

Do you have a personal advisory board? Who do you call for advice and what’s the best feedback you ever received? Who has encouraged you or inspired you in your personal or professional life? I’d love to hear your stories.


Natalie Newman is the Office Administrator for Jensen Hughes in Anaheim, CA.

She currently serves as the SDA National President.


Tags:  Career Coaching  Peronal Advisory Board  Professional Advice  SDA 

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Make Your Bed

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, May 20, 2015



I just heard a very short address by Admiral McRaven to the University of Texas called Life Lesson #1. In a short 90 seconds, he explained the importance of making his bed properly in boot camp. “It isn’t going to change the world in the short term,” he said, “ but it could change your life.”

The life lesson is, if you can master one simple, mundane task to perfection, if you make your bed in the morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day, it will give you a small sense of pride, and encourage you to accomplish another, and then another. And by the end of the day, that one task completed will turn into many tasks completed. And making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things.

And if by chance you have a miserable day, you’ll come home to a bed that is made – that YOU made, and encouragement that tomorrow will be better.

So if you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

What little thing can you start mastering today?



Betsy Nickless, CDFA, is the Business Manager for Mark Scheurer Architects in Newport Beach, California and is a member of the SDA National Past Presidents Council. 

Tags:  change the world  Life Lessons  make your bed  SDA  Society for Design Administration 

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