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EDTrak™ Software
 Track Your Licenses, Renewals, and More!


Continuing Education requirements for A/E professionals increase across the United States.  Many individual state licensing boards mandate that design professionals participate in continuing education to stay licensed.  The global economy has resulted in more and more professionals doing work in states other than their own.  The requirements and time frames for earning continuing education units differ from state to state.  There are also differing qualifying time periods, with additional health, safety and welfare (HSW) requirements, as well as seismic or hurricane requirements, depending on the state.

Earning and tracking CEUs can become a very complex and time-consuming task depending upon the number of states in which the design professional is licensed.  Some states' periods are biennial with a calendar year time period; others are based on the alphabet by last name; still others are based on date of original licensure.  Some states require you to follow their requirements and still others will accept your original state's requirement.  And every state allows different carryover amounts. 

So how do you keep track of all this?

The Society for Design Administration has teamed up with Base Builders to create the ever-helpful EDTrak software.  Base Builders has been developing project management software for architects and engineers since 2002 (you can check out their flagship product Praesto at www.basebuilders.com).

EDTrak is everything we wanted it to be and more. It allows users to track all professionals, each with an unlimited number of licenses.  Entering courses is very simple, and users can assign an unlimited number of attendees to each course.  As an added bonus, certificates and/or attendee lists can be scanned and stored directly in the system!  No more cumbersome filing.

What can EdTrak do for you?

  •  Track all of your professionals and their licenses

  •  Notify you of upcoming license renewals

  •  Track courses and the attendees

  •  Track continuing education units for courses by professional and  agency

  •  Generate continuing education reports for license renewals

This software solution also allows SDA to send out periodic updates that will include up-to-date agency requirements for continuing education. This includes all 50 states, DC, NCARB, AIA, SDA, and others. The all new EDTrak will also keep a historical record of past courses and renewal periods. Never worry about an agency audit!  EDTrak has the ability to carry credits forward (in the event that agencies allow for this).

The interface is very intuitive and straightforward.  If you can surf the Internet or shop online, you’ll be able to use the software without even opening the "Getting Started” guide.

"EDTrak is great because you can put anything you want in there in terms of education, and then ‘link’ it to all the professionals that you have in there as well.  If you want to track your SDA continuing education for certification, or anything else, you can do that too.”
– Betsy Nickless, CDFA, Associate/Business Manager
    Mark Scheurer Architect, Inc., Newport Beach, CA

"I have used EDTrak and it is great!  It makes keeping track of your employees much easier than a spreadsheet.  It allows you to keep track of education and licensures, and is user-friendly as well.”
– Bridget R. Egloso, Project Manager Assistant
   Clark Nexsen Architecture & Engineering, Norfolk, VA

"I have 7 Architectural Principals in my office. We have licenses in 20 + States and having to keep track of the licensing requirements including CE credits and expiration dates is challenging. Being able to enter all the information in the EDtrak software has been a godsend! I especially like the fact that whenever we have a lunch and learn in the office I can enter the information one time and then just check the architects that attended and the information is populated for everyone at once.”
-- Debra Ellis, CDFA, Associate
    Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture, Denver, CO

"Why did I wait so long to buy EDTrak? In our firm of 19, we have 42 state licenses, seven LEED Accredited Professionals, two SDA members, and we’re an AIA firm – that’s over 65 records to keep track of! Set-up was so easy I didn’t even need the guide. I was able to open the program and start inputting records right away. This is a great tool!”
-- Karen Roman, CDFA, LEED AP, Business Manager
    Intergroup Architects, Littleton, CO



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