2017 Chapter Excellence Award
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The Chapter Excellence Award (CEA) was developed to recognize a chapter's excellence in promoting the mission of SDA. It is a comprehensive recognition program based on exceptional merit demonstrated in six categories: best practices, leadership/ professional development, membership, communication, education and chapter governance. The point-based system serves as a resource to help submitting SDA Chapters identify their strengths and inspire future growth.  Click here for complete submission rules and criteria.

Congratulations to the San Antonio Chapter for being named our 2017 Chapter Excellence Award winner! 


SDA San Antonio - 2017 Chapter Excellence Award Winner 

Overall jury remarks about all chapter submissions included "clearly a lot of thought, time and effort went into these submittals."  and "we learned a number of new things and wish to take "good practices" back to our organizations."

Our ultimate goal is to have each and every chapter submit for the Chapter Excellence Award each year.  While there is only one winner selected, there are so many excellent things happening in our chapters across the country, we want to share the submissions for 2017 in order to share some of the best practices and encourage other chapters to begin their planning for completing their 2018 submission. Click on each of the chapter names to download their package.

San Antonio Chapter - Jury Comments

  • "Loved the variety of events"  
  • "Love the Buddy System idea -- I'm stealing this for my group!'"
  • "This looks like a chapter I would like to join" 
  • “In my opinion the San Antonio chapter is a faithful representative at all levels of excellence"

Dallas Chapter - Jury Comment

  •  "Great executive summary – a great job of telling “why” they are CEA worthy"

Denver Chapter - Jury Comment

  • "Nice emphasis on their membership and strength of the chapter"

Minneapolis Chapter - Jury Comment

  • "Like the theme of 'Engage-Educate-Empower' that ran through the submission"

New York Chapter - Jury Comment

  • "Like the plan for achieving measurable growth"

Orange County - Jury Comment

  •  "Good newsletter and membership campaigns"


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