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EDConnect18 Program Recordings

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Make Your Value Visible: Telling Stories that Showcase Your Firm's Expertise

Speaker: Lynne Waymon - Contacts Count, LLC

Program Description:Wish more people knew how to use your firm’s talents? Need to take a larger role in bringing in the business? Want to win the enthusiasm of people who can refer your firm?  Try telling brief, targeted stories.  Good stories – and how to tell them – are an important ingredient to your marketing mix.Most people won’t be there when you have your shining moments. So it’s through conversation – storytelling, to be exact – that people learn how to use your firm’s expertise and send opportunity your way. 


The Double-Edged Sword of Employment Law: Trends & Developments in 2018 You Need to Know

Speaker: Kristina Vaquera - Jackson Lewis, LLP

Program Description: This session will provide an in depth review of current employment law developments.  Learn about new trends in employment law litigation and claims and how to avoid these issues proactively, including a discussion on the #metoo movement, class actions, new case law, federal agency agendas and developments, including the EEOC, NLRB, Wage and Hour Division, etc.  Learn best practices to avoid and minimize exposure to the ever changing minefield that is employment law.. 

Did I Say That? Managing Claims & Liability in Electronic Business Communications

Speakers: Karen Erger, Lockton Companies and Eric Singer, Ice Miller, LLP

Program Description:  “Isn’t there an app for that?” Legal and court rules associated with electronic discovery have transformed the use – and risk of misuse – of electronic communications in litigation. This session will discuss the pitfalls, policies, advantages and challenges presented by electronic communication. 


Leadership for Design Professionals

Speaker: Ken Ewan, KME Leadership

Program DescriptionProfessional development for an individual with a career in the design profession typically focuses on the technical aspects of the deliverables of their business… technology, cost effectiveness, quality are normally areas of interest and little attention is paid to understanding the impact of quality leadership as a differential in the firm. This session will introduce effective leadership concepts that will increase the participant’s self-awareness of their current position on their own personal leadership journey. The various elements of the leadership model will be explored in order to provoke your thinking in such areas as relationships, levels of leadership, influence management, internal networking, and career development.


How to Achieve a Sustainable, Profitable Business

Speaker: Mark Goodale, Morrissey.Goodale

Program Description  Learn how to create the platform of a “high-velocity” firm— purpose, vision, and strategies for developing staff, and fostering continuous learning and improvement.  Then explore how to position your firm as the go-to consultant, what it takes to produce sustainable, profitable growth, and what to consider when transitioning ownership.


Organizational & Operational Efficiency in Marketing - Save Time & Money While Wearing Many Hats

Speaker: Michelle Erste, Wolverton and Eric Keens, Stevens-Wilkinson.

Program Description:  Getting organized is often the difference between success and failure – but how do you get organized with so  many hats to wear?? This session will guide you through how to get yourself organized – with marketing at least! With ideas on everything from proposal process development to efficiently running go/no go meetings, attendees will gain practical, useful tips to make your life easier. We will also explain the benefits of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database for tracking so much more than customer data. Attendees will walk way with go/no go templates, proposal outline templates and more. You won’t want to miss this session as you get organized to tackle more in the world of marketing! 


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