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Even with the incorporation of comprehensive accounting software, many firms find that specifically tailored forms and spreadsheets are useful for monitoring finances, personnel hours, project profitability and productivity. For small firms operating on a cash basis, there are several cash position and budget forms that provide working documents for periodic accounting reports.


The spreadsheets provided in this package require a basic understanding of formulas and cell activities that take place in a typical spreadsheet. It is recommended that, at the very least, users take an on-line course in spreadsheet management. Familiarity with formula construction and cell requirements will make editing and adjusting for personal use easier and more effective.


Use good judgment in using the files in this folder and preserve the integrity of the original file until you become familiar with the spreadsheet requirements. Once past the learning curve, you will find many ways to adjust these basic documents to make them even more useful.


All of the published sample documents are intended as supportive tools. For the best and most effective use of each document, it is recommended that new Accounting forms and policies be reviewed by your legal counsel for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations and modified to suit your organization’s culture, industry, and practices.


Index of Forms

Name of Form


Billing Schedule-Staff Hours Projection

Project Managers can use this spreadsheet to calculate project staff requirements per project, per month. Fees and phase percent complete are entered in the Phase section. Billable hours are then reported per employee in the Billable Hours section. View cells to determine if they contain formulas and require numerical input.

Cash Out Monthly.xlsx

Principals and accounting staff can use this form to document cash out (checks written) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Cash Receipts.xlsx

Use the cash receipts form to manually document and calculate monthly cash receipts. This is a useful record for principals and accounting staff in small and medium firms, who wish to monitor cash receipts on a daily or weekly basis.

Check Request Form.xlsx

Use this form to simplify requests for and approval of check requests for overhead and project related expenses.

Checkbook Ledger.xlsx

Small Firms operating on a cash basis may prefer to use this simple spreadsheet as a checkbook ledger.

Consultant Tracking.xlsx

Use this spreadsheet to track consultant fees by manipulating the document to incorporate several projects per consultant or several consultants per project.

Daily Cash LOC Position.xlsx

The cash position/line of credit worksheet is a useful record for principals and accounting staff to monitor cash flow.

Direct Deposit Agreement.doc

Payroll administrators can use this agreement to document an employee’s direct deposit of pay to checking and savings accounts. Some payroll services will provide a similar form to their clients.

Employee Expense Form.xlsx

Employees will find this spreadsheet helpful in tracking and calculating reimbursable expenses, whether overhead or project related. Notes specifying office standards can be added, e.g., receipts required for reimbursement, meal allowance limits, etc..

Project Budget Worksheet Bottom Up.xlsx

Project Managers can use this spreadsheet to establish budget scenarios for new or ongoing projects. To begin the process insert the total fee or calculate the total fee based on construction cost estimate, profit percentage, direct consultant expenses, and non-reimbursable expenses in the appropriate cells (highlighted yellow). This generates the labor and overhead amount. Next, insert the overhead factor to calculate the total labor cost. Then insert percent per phase to calculate the dollar values per phase. Finally insert the per-hour wage average for the specific project team to generate the calculation of hours per phase.

Project Budget Worksheet.xlsx

Use this comprehensive budget worksheet to calculate allocation of fees and related labor requirements per project phase. Firm information is loaded in the shaded cells, and key formula changes are required for project and indirect expense calculations. View all cells to understand formulas and numeric requirements.

Project Matrix and Analysis.xlsx

Once a budget is determined and a project is underway, use this spreadsheet to help project managers and project teams track actual hours and dollars spent against budget estimates. This is a useful tool to monitor phase profitability and consultant expenses. View cells to determine if a cell a calculation or requires numerical input.

Reimbursable Expenses Log.xlsx

If you do not have software that automatically tracks expenses by project number, post this form, along with a project list, near the task areas where reimbursable expenses are projected. To determine totals for billing purposes, use this spreadsheet as a calculator.


You can use this spreadsheet to determine the utility rate of your employees by entering their billable and non-billable time.

Weekly Timesheet with codes.xlsx

This timesheet can be used in place of an electronic timesheet. Labor and task codes are listed for easy reference and can be adjusted to suit individual form needs.




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